Lou (star_dreams) wrote,

I watched a programme on endangered animals and I have never been more ashamed to be human but also proud to be human at the same time. It saddens me how some people don't seem to care about animals and as a result these animals are on the brink of extinction, but it was so heartwarming to see that people still care and people are still trying to help. There was a man who had been attacked by a tiger and had lost his eye because of one yet he still loves them and risks his life going on anti-poaching patrols trying to save them... now that is one amazing man.

Animals like the polar bear, the orang utan, the Asian elephant and the Bengal tiger are going to be extinct by the end of the century because of mankind if something doesn't happen to help.
I have lost all hope for the polar bear though. How can you get the whole world to change it's attitudes? How can you stop global warming? The polar bear is going to be the first one to suffer becuase of global warming and it had done nothing wrong. We're the ones causing it.

I have never ever felt so absolutely heartbroken.

Sometimes I think that humans were the worst thing to happen to this planet.
So many animals are being endangered because of human activity and it just upsets and angers me so much - why can't people see how beautiful and important animals are? Why don't people realise that they have as much of a right to be here as we do?

Humankind is overpopulating the world and becoming too greedy and the natural world is suffering.

It makes me want to say "screw uni" and try and get a job helping out conservation charities straight away. But I know that is not sensible.
I just want to help these beautiful amazing animals before it is too late.

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